Debug-Report For Private_Property
Script by DeniseHoorn Slade
using also the API of by Tyche Shepherd

created 01.06.2018, 11:10:33.

Simulator Hostname
Simulator first seen :2009-11-17 source:Gridsurvey
Simulator last seen :2018-05-27 source:Gridsurvey
Simulator updated :2018-05-27 source:Gridsurvey
Simulator MAP-Coordinates :x=461,y=1230 source:Gridsurvey
Simulator MAP :
Simulator Version :
Simulator Pingtime :140ms
Simstatus :up
Global Simposition :<118016,314880,0>
Simrating :MATURE
Simrating :MATURE
Damage allowed :disabled
Fixed Sun :no
Terraforming :yes
Region is a Sandbox :no
Region blocks non-agent collisions :no
Region blocks all physics :no
Region blocks flying :no
Point2Point Teleport :yes
Region restricts pushing :no