The using of the Sim-Performance-Collector (SPC) is very easy:

  1. Get it from the SL-Marketplace for free.
  2. Rezz it to the ground and unpack it.
  3. Get the SPC from your inventory and rezz it to the ground. The SPC will ask you for permission to your money. This is important to accept, otherwise the SPC will not function. Why you have to grant access, you can read here.
  4. Do a rightclick on the SPC and choose "pay" from the appearing cake.
  5. Pay for one to four weeks.

When the SPC is active you are allowed to log in here on this website with your Second Life Name (but not with your Second Life Password!! You will get the password inworld!). At the moments you are able to see a list of all your SPCs. Each listing of a SPC allows you to see the payments and the refunds. Have a look: Login with the following username and password:

Username : demo demo
Password : demo

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