Hi everybody,

after a long time we have updated or website and our Simperformance-Collector. Some minor bugs have been resolved and we added a new feature in it: the parcel-infos. Now landlords and estatemanager can see the configuration of each parcel, and if a tenants parcel is not configurated as "safe" (no public build, no public scripts, no object entry), so the estatemanager can inform the tenant.

Please don't use the old SPC 1.64 any more, it's outdated and the new one will be released during the next days. We hope you enjoy it.

By this we have decreased the fees for our service, and we hope you will like it. Now it's 150 per week and the discounts, too. We can't offer it for free, nevertheless we like to do it, but we also have our costs for the server.


DeniseHoorn Slade

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