Who is it for?

Our service is especially for Simowners and their officers. Many simowners wants to know, what's going on on their sim, but they don't have any knowlegde about scripting or PHP'ing.

And this is where we jump in. We have started this service for residents, to do this job for you in an easy way. You get one of the Simperformance-Collectors at the vendors (for free) and you place it elsewhere on your sim and simply pay it. Since then the collector will initiate the creation of the databases and the website and will send you the web-url of your simperformance-graphs, which you also can insert in your own website.

You use the Simperformance-Collector as long as you like, ord needed. If you don't like it, or you don't need it any more, stop paying it further and/or put in in your inventory. The contract ends, when our server don't get any data within 48 hours. Easy, hm? Of course we are working on it, and simowners will have more ideas, what we also can report. Let's see, what the SimPerformance-Collector will be in one or two years...

The costs

At the moment we are calculating as low as possible per week. You can see the actual pricing here. We are running a dedicated server, and are not interested to become rich with this service, we just trying to cover the expenses.

The use

In first case you may think: "OMG, how expensive!".

Well, this is not really expensive, if you know, what the SPC can do for you. The SPC is designed as a tool against lag, and unsecure parcelsnand the best action against lag and griefers is avoiding lag and griefers (what a wisdom! O.o). In most cases you will realize lag, when the lagmonster already has beaten the sim. And lag is a subjective feeling.
During the time DeniseHoorn Slade, the founder of this project, was an estate-manager for herself. On former Norddeutschland some residents complained on lag on the sim. Denise for herself was not able to determine the lag, because she had an excellent hardware at home. But a short view on the graphs showed her, that the residents were right, because there were an object which took a lot of calculation time of the server-CPUs.

What would you have done in this case without having a proof, that there is lag? Be honest... in most cases you would have done nothing, maybe placing a freebie-simpeformancer, which shows the actual status, hard in believe, that the lag belongs to the slow computer or leased line of your resident. But during the search for the lagmonster, the residents switched off several free moving animals, scripts and other stuff, which were more an "eye-catcher" than beeing useful. And the simperformance became a little bit better, but not the best. The complaints about lag became very silent, but it was still there.

After a drama with two owners of a kindergarden, placed on this sim, the two decided to move elsewhere with the kindergarden. And - hard to believe... but while removing the kindergarden the simperformance increased to the maximum.

kindergardenThe simperformance before and after the remove of the kindergarden. The performance before was worked out by switching off several objects.

Since then the simperformance stayed at the maximum. But the time before DeniseHooen had already worked on the simperformance. And she were able to see how the changes increased the simperformance. After the kindergarden had left the sim, the residents were able to switch on the inactivated objects and to see, if their objects affects the simperformance.

DeniseHoorn would not have seen, if all the action have helped, if she hadn't this tool.

Safe parcels on an Estate

Some Estatemanagers rent parcels to residents. The worst configurated parcel is the non-configurated parcel. Allowed public rezzing (and building), allowed public running scripts are the best entry for griefers, nevertheless the griefers become less and less. But the parcel-security is important as ever, nobody knows, how the publicity of SecondLife may change again, and an avoided problem is no problem any more. Drama could be avoided, just by setting the own parcel to "safe" (no public buildung and rezzing, no public scripts, no pushing).
The SPC can help estate-managers to keep the parcels safe by using the prim-counter-option. The website shows you the options for every parcel on your sim (see the demo "Littlefield").

All in all: a complete overview for your sim, for your estate...


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