This is the team behind sl-simperfomance:

DeniseHoorn Slade:

Founder of this Project and programmer of the first scripts.

In SecondLife since 5/9/2007, creator of several networking objects inworld, i.e. the networked "LaNotOb-System",gridwide "Networked Parcel Ban", and other things. Not all of her creations you can find at marketplace.

Yes, she's a child-avatar, but she is an adult in RL and age-verificated.

If you want to contact her, so please send her a notecard inworld.

DenisesBunny McCullough:

Programmer, LSL-Scripts, PHP

RL-Daddy of DeniseHoorn Slade, good in programming, LSL 'ing and PHP'ing.

In SecondLife since 1/3/2008, reallife-programmer in several languages.

 denisesbunnymccullough 001
Gryffyn Quillitch:

Website Engeneering, PHP, Security, Server-Administration.

In SecondLife since 1/15/2010, creator of several websites and always busy. Loves tons of coffee, while programming on websites. Speaks no english... :-P

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