Some of our customers got an "heap stack collision" when activating the prim-counter. We found out, that less memory of the sim and an intensive memory-load of the primcounter-script was the reason. So the available memory was full before the script has completed it's work.

So we started to create a new concept of the primcounter, and have fully rewritten the script. The result is: the script is much faster, it functions on all sims and do not need lots of memory any more, because all informations of every parcel will be send as soon as complete.

We also worked on the presentation of the primcounter-website. The table has a headline now, the "teleport"-link was moved to the name of the parcel and the hovertext activated on the parcel-name will show the UUID of the parcel now.

All in all new great stuff, we think. But - as ever - we can do it much better. Well, let's wait, what will come next! :-)


DeniseHoorn Slade

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