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All questions on the simperformance-collector

This is because of the technicals of SL. The SPC is your own object. And if you pay your own object, you pay it to yourself. Easy: your object which gets money from somebody, so you are the one who receives the money. But how do we get the fees then?

The script inside recognizes the payment, takes now the amount of Lindens you payed to the SPC and transfers it to DeniseHoorn Slade. But to do so, the object needs permission from you to do so.

In the case an object (like the SPC) want to take money from you, you'll have to grant access to your money, otherwise the SPC will not function.

Now something for scripters: Why didn't you use the llTransferLindenDollars?

llTransferLindenDollars does not allow the wonderful function "llSetPayPrice", where you can define the maximum amount of Lindens, a SPC-owner can pay. But we wanted to use this option, so the only way was the one described above.

We refund full days only. If you pay for a week (7 days), so the service starts right now in the second you'll get the URL of the website of your sim. So there are 6 days, 23 hours and some minutes left. But the first day has already begun and we have done our work already. So we take the 32 Lindens for the first day.

The Primcounter is especially for Sim-Owners, who have a so called "Homestead" (grandfathered sim). If you want to set some parcels for rent on this sim, you might have a problem: if you subdevide the parcels, they might be too small for an acceptable amount of prims. Or - in other cases you have to subdevide parcels in a size, whicht might not be acceptable for you as simwoner.

The solution is to keep all parcels in one group by deeding all parcels to the same group. So a resident on a 1024 sqm-parcel on a Homestead can use an amount of prims the simowner allows. Sure, the simowner has control over it, but what about a resident, not knowing anything about using the landinfo? So you can offer the primcounter-list to your residents. And - what if some residents are allowed to place objects on other parcels? You as simowner only can see all prims used by one resident, but not where. If you won't run around to see how many prims are placed on which parcel, so you better use the primcounter.

On the other hand it's important for reducing lag. As more prims are on a sim, as more *might* this support the lagging of a sim. This is not a must, of course, if no prim is scripted, so the risk of lag is very very low, regardless how many prims are placed on this sim.

No. At the moment there is no way to count all running scripts on a sim.

If you see this small sign debug on top right of the graphs like this then the owner of the SPC has used the "debug"-function in the option of the SPC. Debugging means a list of all available informations of a sim.

This history is your shortlink to the sim-history. The sim-history collects informations about the sim over all the time the SPC is running. If the Simulator-Version is changing, or if a reboot has happened, so you can see it here. Maybe if the simowner has changed the sim-rating. And of course we always save a little map from the sim, how the sim was looking like...

Well, first in line, if your sim don't work correct. But the graphics often shows a beginning lag sometimes before you feel lag on the sim itself.

This graphic here (in this case the DIL, but FPS won't be better), shows you a clear lagsituation on a sim:

Ironjaw DIL

Whatever might have happen on this sim, there had been a lagsituation, which has been normalized during hours. If this situation happens again, so you have to look for the reasons. The solution for this problem can only be found on the sim!

But not always is lag on a sim, where lag might to be:

Nordkueste Stadt DIL

This sim is a so called "Homestead", a grandfathered sim, a power- and primreduced sim. This sim is like other 65536 sqm but it has ony a quarter of the prims a fullprimsim has. These sims are reduced in power in the moment the last avatar leaves the sim, so the serverpower could be given to other sims on the same server, where are more activities by avatars. You identify homesteads in the graphs by suddenly falling and rising curve progressions, which are conform to the graph of "avatars on sim".

All other questions

First, the source was published by DeniseHoorn Slade, who is a member of our team. And of course, if you are able to install the SPC for yourself, so you can do it. But many simowners don't have any knowledge about scripting and PHP'ing. They don't know anything about RRDs. They buy an item, they rezz it and it simply has to function, without reading long descriptions and explanations.

The service is what we offer. Our system creates the RRDs, the graphs and it offers a SPC to the simowner or any other interested person, which rezzes the SPC on his/her parcel, pay it and that's it. No own webserver needed, no extra money for the server, no tricks for installing the software etc. just rezzing, paying and enjoying after some hours.

This is possible of course. We create a webpage for every sim, too. It could be found at<your_simname>.html.

Please note: instead of every blank (" ") in the name of the sim, you have to replace it with an underscore ("_").


Simname: NDL FeEseGrimLa
HTML-name: NDL_FeEseGrimLa.html

You can also ask the SPC itself and it shows you the urls.

If you like, you also can include the graphs only in your website.

A temporarily deactivation is possible and easy: click on the SPC and in the appearing menu you choose "Refund". You will get back the money for the rest of time. Leave the SPC on it's place. Whenever you need it again, just pay it and you can use our service again.

Our service is made especially for all sim-owners and their officers. As a resident of course you can also use our service, but you better have a look, if your sim is already listed here. It makes no sense to run more than one SPC per sim.

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